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Pure YELLOW pigment

Biotouch Pure YELLOW pigment. Base color Eyebrow Concealer and Camouflage. 3 mL containers, single-dose just for the same user. Six pieces per box.
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Pure YELLOW pigment

Biotouch Pure YELLOW pigment. Base color Eyebrow Concealer and Camouflage. 3 mL containers, single-dose just for the same user. Six pieces per box.
The Yellow is the best choice to lighten the browns, than using the opaque white color. Lightens dark brown colors: change eyebrows from dark brown to a lighter tone. Good softening pigment that can be applied immediately after the procedure to tone down the color.

Main features:
Gel texture based on glycerin formulated for maximum fixation and stability in the skin.
These pigments have been subjected to strict standards and controls from manufacture to distribution, thus ensuring maximum quality and safety.
Legal Registration with the number 466PE in the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS)

BioTouch pigments are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micropigmentation to the face and body. Because our pigments have more of these particles in every drop, they absorb into the skin much more effectively. The result is less fading, and truer color.
These pigments also have a different texture and quality. They do not dry out like most. The microfine particles used, along with Ethanol, allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixuture smooth, as the technician works with it.
Other brands of pigments boast to have organic compounds, but organic is not always the best choice. Allergies can be more common in organic substances. Some people are allergic to vegetable dye, and pigments with vegetable dye are not stable. Some brands even use industrial colors similar to automobile paint! This can be dangerous and can cause an allergic reaction.
In addition to iron oxides, our black shades are carbon based, which has the same chemical makeup as what is naturally found in our bodies, so there is even more precaution against any chances of an allergic reaction.

Troubleshooting for Pigment Retention:
1.- The pigment has not been shaken enough, shake well before each use.
2.- The pigment has too much oil on the top; squeeze the oil out of the bottle.
3.- The needle doesn’t have enough pigment on it. Dip the needle and swirl so that enough pigment is on the tip of the needle.
4.-The pigment may have been diluted by body fluids. Dispose of the pigment and replace it.
5.-The needle may be too long; making it difficult for the needle to be fed pigment from the Machine Cap. Adjust the needle’s length to 2-3mm.
6.-The needle may be too short; this will stop the needle from penetrating the skin. Adjust the needle’s length to 2-3mm.
7.-The tip of the needle may have been bent during assembly or by it hitting an object; this will stop the needle from penetrating the skin. Replace the needle.
8.- Not enough pressure is being applied. Apply the proper amount of pressure.

How-to-use guidelines:
- Once the hygienic and aseptic conditions have been secured, the area to be pigmented must be prepared by proper cleaning and disinfection. Use single-use gloves of the surgical type in the application. Never touch pigment bottles or pigment containers with contaminated gloves to prevent cross contamination
- Do not mix pigments of different brands. BioTouch pigments can be mixed to match your client’s skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.
- Shake well the ink container each time before use. Put the necessary amount of the pigment or mixture in the disposable ink cap.
- Apply the product with a single-use sterile needle.
- After carrying out the work, discard the pigment container, the needle and the remaining content of the product.

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